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  A fortune for a feline: is it even legal? Last month it was reported that fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had passed away. The famed creative director of leading fashion house, Chanel, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer aged 85 after having amassed a considerable fortune (as much as £150 million according to media reports)….

  Gaby Eirew suffered two big bereavements in the space of a month. The experience impelled her to find a way of prompting parents to record video messages for their children. When Gaby Eirew’s father was dying from pancreatic cancer one of his last pieces of advice was: “Grieve for me for two years, after…

PARIS: Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette was already the most famous cat in fashion. Now the white fluffy Burmese cat that the late fashion designer doted on could be about to become the richest feline on the planet. The pampered eight-year-old puss has enjoyed a jetset lifestyle eating off silver platters since Lagerfeld “kidnapped” her in 2011…

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