Injuries can have life changing effects on the lives of the injured and their families, with injuries sustained affecting a person’s ability to work or worst case scenario, it could leave a person needing specialist medical treatment, care and rehabilitation.

That’s why we believe everyone should seek expert advice and work with a solicitor that will have your best interests at the core of every decision and action that is required.

Claiming compensation can incredibly baffling to many, but at CWC Solicitors we will help you through the entire process, ensuring key issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently – feeding back to you in a language that you understand what the next steps need to be.

Everyone has a different set of needs, therefore we will work with you to achieve the right result for you, ensuring that all times working within the required legal framework.

At CWC Solicitors it is not about the compensation, it is about the long-term quality of life and what you need to make this happen.

However, we also understand the short-term impact and we’ll seek to obtain interim payments where possible to replace lost income and help you access aids or treatment.

Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors aim to remove the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies, can arrange replacement cars, chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment, in addition to arranging specialist expert witnesses such as Medical Consultants or Forensic Accountants.

So, trust Curtis Whiteford Crocker to take the pain of your case, working for a pre-agreed conditional rate to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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