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We are pleased to announce that Tony Pearce has now taken over the role of supervising solicitor at our Tavistock office. Tony has over 30 years of experience assisting clients resolve disputes, mainly in relation to the legal issues and problems that often arise after someone has passed away or there is a suspicion of financial abuse involving an elderly or infirm person. Tony is a full…

The newspaper headlines tell you everything you need to know when there is a dispute over a will. Disagreements over a deceased person’s money or property can be devastating for those left behind and very expensive to resolve. Disagreements over a will can lead to property and assets being tied up for many years meaning…

According to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’s latest figures, fraud crimes have gone up for the fifth year in a row in England and Wales. The bureau reports a rise of four per cent in fraud offences to over 653,000 for the year ended in June with more than half of crimes taking place online….

A High Court decision has highlighted the need to act quickly if you are considering challenging the validity of a will, or bringing a claim against the estate of someone who has died warns a Plymouth solicitor. Farmer’s wife Mary Sargeant was a beneficiary when her husband of over 45 years, Joe, died in 2005….

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