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As with many areas, residential transactions have been impacted by the Coronavirus. We have summarised our key advice and support we are offering.

Homebuyers and renters are being advised to delay moving to a new house as far as possible, during these unprecedented times. However, if a delay cannot be agreed and contractual reasons mean that the move is unavoidable, the social distancing measures in place across the nation must be followed.

It is important to also remember that any planned moves will also be very hard to action, with the current situation that removal firms are in. There is nothing to stop you doing so, however, but we do advise you to follow guidance from the Government and keep yourself safe and healthy.

Our Conveyancing Update

Our conveyancing team remains working from home in order to help you process your transactions, whilst we may come to a halt at some point, now is the time that we can help to have everything in place and ready to set a date when current nationwide restrictions are lifted.

We are also able to outline all of the risks, taking into account the partied to the transaction. We will take into account the different situations our clients will find themselves in and always advise of the result that is the safest.

It may be that contracts become frustrated if it’s incapable of being performed due to an unforeseen event, which is not the fault of either party. The legislation around this is yet to be confirmed, however, we expect that the provisions relating to recession may apply. However, there is no certain or fixed answer as each case is individual.

Please get in contact with us to discuss any of your concerns and to explore how our experienced solicitors can help you during this time. We are here to use our knowledge to help you during this time.

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Retirement & COVID-19


Roger Miller has now retired from the firm after many dedicated years of service.



We will remain open, with our staff working from home. This may slightly impact response times.