Making arrangements for after death can be a daunting prospect and one which is often not given the attention required. Making a will is a difficult subject for some people who either don’t want to think about it, put it off or believe they don’t have much to leave. But putting your effects in order is a sensible way to make life easier for your loved ones in the event of your death. Indeed, many people contemplating a will often wish to minimise the effect that Inheritance Tax may have when they die.

This is relevant not only to married couples but also to same-sex couples who will be able to make use of similar tax planning aspects. Older people in particular have concerns as to who will manage their affairs if they become physically or mentally incapacitated. They also worry about the impact the costs of care will have on their assets, particularly on the family home.

But the experienced team at Curtis Whiteford Crocker will listen to your concerns, give clear and simple advice and produce an appropriate will that will protect your assets and those you love.

So don’t put it off, call Curtis Whiteford Crocker and let us take care of you.

For total peace of mind Curtis Whiteford Crocker can also register your Will with a National Database to ensure that your loved ones can quickly and easily locate your Will at this most distressing time as your Will may not be easy to locate after time, house moves, new relationships etc. This service will therefore guarantee that the details of where your Will is located can be found with one phone call.

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