Bankruptcy &
Debt Recovery

Whether you are owed money or owe we can help.  We have over 40 years experience in relation to collection of debts and can advise on the most appropriate means of commencing debt recovery action, the avenues available to you and advise upon the enforcement of judgment or the appointment of trustees in bankruptcy and work closely with them to assist recovery of the liabilities owed.

We have an excellent relationship with a number of local insolvency practitioners and can recommend those who are suited to your needs.  Whether you are seeking to appoint as a creditor or if you owe money to seek a resolution to your financial situation whether it be i.e. by applying for an individual voluntary arrangement under the provisions of The Insolvency Act 1986.

Our clear advice in all circumstances is to take control.  To make positive decisions and to face the problem head on.  Our experts in Bankruptcy and Debt Services at CWC Solicitors understand your needs and can help you overcome the issues you have and get back control of your finances.

We are able to advise you as to the appropriate method to choose if you are being pursued by creditors and to represent you in any bankruptcy proceedings or to represent you in relation to actions by trustees in bankruptcy or insolvency practitioners in relation to assets jointly owned with others and to achieve the best possible result.

We have great experience in acting for spouses and joint property owners of bankrupts in relation to preservation of assets, to achieve the best possible outcome.  However the clear advice is to act quickly as it often prevents a bad situation from getting worse.

We regularly act for a number of insolvency practitioners and trustees in bankruptcy both in relation to parties applying for individual voluntary arrangements or when those trustees are seeking to recover assets of a bankrupt’s estate where steps have endeavoured to be taken to place those beyond their reach.

Whatever your bankruptcy or debt situation speak to Roger Miller at CWC.

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